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282 Koyo, Kiyosato-Cho,
Shari District, Hokkaido


Our Staff

About us.

ISHIDA Tomio (from Tokyo)

In 1992, fascinated by Hokkaido and above all, Mt. Shari, he opened a youth hostel in Kiyosato-cho. He is also a host of activity experiences and a travel agent. His hobby is traveling. He has been a Patagonia fan since he was a student.
Greetings: Since the opening of the hostel, my spirits are still lifted even now whenever I look at Mt. Shari. Please come to Kiyosato-cho for great views of Mt. Shari.

In charge of guided tours:
IWAMOTO Hidetatsu (from Kanagawa)

Bike rider originally from Kanagawa, and a former guest of the hostel. Every day is a busy day with many roles from hostel staff to activity experience guide and domestic travel managers.
His hobbies are trekking and backcountry skiing.
Greeting: It is a wonderful place where you can enjoy the nature of the four seasons such as Mt. Shari, Shiretoko, Akan and Mashu. Please come to Kiyosato-cho to enjoy the slow flow of time.

ISHIDA Yoko (From Kyoto)

Enjoying the Kiyosato-cho life since moving from Kyoto to Hokkaido’s Kiyosato a long time ago.
She is busy with reception, cleaning and pick-up at the hostel.
Her hobbies are drone and swimming.
Greeting: Please take your time and enjoy the beautiful country scenery of Kiyosato town, the beautiful sunset and sunrise, a star-filled night sky and of course Mt. Shari.