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Please use the following application form to make a reservation for the web-based reservation "Value Travel Plan".
・Please note that even if you complete the application, your reservation is not yet confirmed.
・For reservation requests, we will usually reply by E-mail within 24 hours.
・If your E-mail address is incorrect, we will not be able to send you an E-mail response.Please check your E-mail address carefully.
・If you do not receive a response after 24 hours, please contact us via E-mail at

Step1 Register Reservation Details

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Credit Card Payment
VISA, MASTER, AMEX,JCB are accepted.
Payment is made through a dedicated payment site using GMO Multi-Payment Service.

PayPal Payment
A handling fee of 2.8% of the room charge will be charged.

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2. analysis for the purpose of improving our services and products. Even in this case, the analysis will be done for statistical purposes only, and will not be used to identify individual guests.

Scope of Collection and Management of Personal Information
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Changes to the Contents of this Document
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Inquiries, Disclosure, and Correction of Personal Information
When there is a request for inquiry, disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc., of a customer's personal information, we will respond to the request after confirming the identity of the customer in accordance with the prescribed procedures, except when required by law. We will respond to your request after confirming your identity.

About our efforts to protect Personal Information
Based on the above personal information protection policy, we will take appropriate safety control measures to ensure that personal information is handled appropriately, and we will strive to continuously improve these measures.